Study Abroad After Graduation

study abroad after graduation

Study abroad offers more than just great resume-boosting benefits; it also gives you the chance to follow your passions and experience new cultures while developing as a person and collecting life-long memories.

But choosing to study abroad post graduation can be difficult. For some, leaving home can be intimidating when already committed to careers and families; and for others the cost can make studying abroad difficult when there are alternative opportunities that would provide similar experiences without incurring extra financial strain.

Therefore, it’s essential that you assess your goals, the academic requirements of any programs that interest you, expenses associated with each one and lifestyle expectations while living abroad. Consider whether or not living in a big city, university town, or somewhere in-between is ideal for you – there are countless resources online that can help you select a destination and program suitable to you. Finally, don’t forget that volunteering may also be an excellent opportunity! If this interests you, the Peace Corps is an outstanding volunteer organization which works to improve lives around the world and provides scholarships for its volunteers to pay off college loans. If that isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps taking a gap year and traveling the globe or starting your own business could be. Whatever choice you make it’s important that whatever it is translated into action!