Study Abroad Programs in Ireland

Irish culture stands out on the global stage thanks to its longstanding traditions, postcard-perfect scenery, and top universities; but what truly sets it apart are its welcoming people – this is why students flock to study abroad programs in Ireland where they can immerse themselves in Irish language and culture while earning credit towards fulfilling graduation requirements at their home universities.

Integrating an international experience into an already hectic school schedule may seem impossible, but studying abroad during summer could be the ideal solution. You’ll get to enjoy an international adventure while not neglecting academic pursuits – plus potentially earn college credit at the same time! Check with your university if there are courses that count for both regular classes and study abroad programs to see how you can get ahead!

Funding a study abroad trip may seem intimidating, but there are plenty of scholarships and grants that may help offset your tuition, housing in Ireland or airfare costs. Don’t forget any third-party scholarships which might also be available; here are some great study abroad scholarship opportunities in Ireland: