Summer Study Abroad Programs at Pace University

summer study abroad programs

Students can gain international experience during summer classes and travel programs that provide many of the same advantages of semester study abroad. IES Abroad’s portfolio of programs provides opportunities to fulfill course requirements, learn language skills quickly, discover new cultures quickly, and expand horizons quickly — making these options especially appealing for those juggling heavy academic or athletic schedules during regular school year months.

Pace offers semester and summer study abroad programs at various institutions around the world. Emerson College, for example, offers a unique semester study program in Well, Netherlands which involves students staying at an 14th century medieval castle surrounded by moats with beautiful lake views – providing stunning vistas as well as cultural experiences during their stay on campus.

Pace students also have other summer study abroad options available to them through the Muma College of Business faculty-led program in London or Fulbright UK Summer Institutes, both offering USF course credit applicable toward majors while participating in cultural excursions with fellow Tampa students who are traveling together overseas. A student fee covers USF tuition, emergency medical insurance coverage, accommodation expenses for corporate tours or visits as well as cultural excursions along with transportation between London or Madrid airport and your destination city.

Summer study abroad trips offer the perfect way to enrich your knowledge of another culture or build international experience on your resume, making the most out of your break from classes while giving yourself an advantage when applying for internships and full-time positions in the job market. Plus, now is not too late to start planning!


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