Using Education Roadshows to Promote Your Association

education roadshow

Roadshows may conjure images of traveling performances like music or comedy acts visiting multiple venues to reach a larger audience, but associations are increasingly using roadshows as a strategy to bring meetings and education programs directly to attendees.

As school begins, education fairs will become increasingly prevalent. Attending these events can help students discover which colleges, universities, or other schools offer programs of study relevant to them – whether high schoolers preparing for postsecondary education or undergrads exploring graduate options – can find the perfect fit.

Prepare ahead if you plan to attend an education fair online or offline, both physically and virtually. Make a list of exhibitors and presentations most relevant to you before setting out; this will allow you to maximize your day at the fair and meet with as many schools on your wishlist as possible.

Education roadshows can serve multiple functions for an association. Aside from providing professional development opportunities, education roadshows can also serve as an effective method to recruit new members. By offering relevant classes that cater specifically to an industry sector, nonmembers will likely see how joining would benefit them personally and the organization itself. Plus, education roadshows give associations the chance to experiment with various educational formats and speakers in a smaller setting.