Why Education in Ireland is a Popular Choice for Indian Students

education in ireland for indian students

Ireland has quickly become a top choice among Indian students thanks to its top-ranked universities, affordable education and two-year stay back option. Furthermore, Ireland hosts the European headquarters of several top companies such as Google, Meta and Apple providing students with ample opportunity for work experience during their studies.

Ireland’s vibrant atmosphere and proximity to India make it easy for Indian students to quickly adjust to their new environment and make friends quickly. Ireland also boasts vibrant culture, friendly environments, festivals and events throughout the year that attract international students from India.

Irish colleges and universities are widely respected, frequently featured at the top of QS World University Rankings. Offering undergraduate to doctorate-level coursework across a range of fields such as STEM, engineering, business and medicine.

One of the key advantages for Indian students studying in Ireland is being able to work up to 40 hours each week during their course (June to September and 15th December – 16th January). This gives them an excellent opportunity to gain practical skills, enhance their resume, and earn extra money while earning practical experience and improving resume.

Lakshmi Iyer, the Managing Director of SI-Ireland India, notes that Ireland is seeing increasing interest from Indian students due to its excellent and cost-effective education as well as its unique dual graduate entry system. According to Ms. Iyer, those completing a Bachelor’s degree can then apply for further graduate study with Ireland – even up to and including post-study visa for up to two years post graduation!


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