Cheap Countries to Study Masters

cheap countries to study masters

Studying abroad may seem expensive, but in certain countries you can find top-quality education for less than $50 tuition fees per semester. Furthermore, international students looking for affordable living costs as they study masters can find these countries particularly appealing as they offer world-class universities and research opportunities along with diverse languages and cultures that make these areas ideal places to explore different aspects of our world.

Taiwan offers world-class education at an amazingly reasonable cost, as evidenced by National Taiwan University, which was recently ranked 72nd in the QS World University Rankings 2019 with tuition for liberal arts programs starting at TW$100,920 per year or US$3,300 annually. Furthermore, this Asian nation is becoming an increasingly popular choice for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Kyrgyzstan, located in central Asia, offers one of the lowest study costs in its region. Many public universities provide free tuition to international students while private institutions charge fractions of what their western counterparts charge in fees and tuition charges.

Switzerland is an exquisite European country boasting some of the world’s premier universities at relatively reasonable tuition fees compared to other nations. Furthermore, some renowned universities like ETH Zurich and EPFL even provide scholarships for meritorious international students studying Master’s degrees there.