Global Study UK – Why Study in the UK?

global study uk

Why study global studies UK

Why limit yourself to studying at home when there’s so much more out there for you to experience and gain from? Learning abroad presents many exciting possibilities – you could explore the globe while earning your degree abroad! Managing both time and finances responsibly while abroad may require making difficult choices, but some clear guidelines and tips can help manage any potential rigours along the way.

Starting your career off right by earning your degree in the UK can give you an edge, with three UK universities ranking in the Top 20 and 14 in the Top 100 (Top Universities Employability Rankings, 2020). In addition, graduates from UK universities have an edge over those educated elsewhere – over 69% report being promoted more quickly and earning more than colleagues who weren’t (International Graduate Outcomes Survey, University UK 2021).

The UK is an incredible place to study, boasting top international schools with affordable tuition fees and an accommodating visa system that enables students to work while studying and even after graduating if desired. Furthermore, 14% of its population was born overseas – meaning you will experience different cultures, meet new people, and develop invaluable career skills that will enhance your future professional endeavors.


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