How to Apply for Eligibility for Study in Canada

eligibility for study in canada

If you want to study in Canada, the first step should be identifying your desired study subject and finding an institution offering that program. IELTS testing should also be completed as proof of proficiency in English before obtaining your student permit – this process usually takes 10-15 days depending on which embassy and country your home country resides in.

Before applying, all international students must undergo an Immigration Medical Examination (IME). The Canadian embassy takes this requirement very seriously and may refuse your visa application if any health issue arises – therefore taking your time finding an experienced physician and getting their assistance in performing this exam correctly are key. Keep in mind that its cost will not be included with university application fees.

Once approved, your Study Permit will be issued for up to three months beyond the duration of your course. A letter from your school detailing what and how you will study must also be provided; and prior to applying, please ensure there are no criminal or credit issues outstanding that could hinder this application process.

Last, but certainly not least, you must show proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses in Canada. While this shouldn’t be difficult to do, keep in mind the different costs associated with living here as opposed to your home country.


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