How to Study a PG Diploma in New Zealand

One-year diploma programs offer an effective way to jump-start your career and develop new skills quickly. They may also act as an interim step before enrolling in a degree programme – not to mention that their cost compares favorably with bachelor degrees.

New Zealand is an island nation famous for its welcoming people and eclectic culture, boasting world-class education systems and top universities. Due to its safety record and stunning nature, New Zealand has become an attractive study destination. Here we discuss how PG Diploma can be studied here as well as expected earnings after graduation.

Qualifications Available in New Zealand

New Zealand qualifications come in three varieties: certificates, diplomas and degrees. Certificates are typically awarded upon successful completion of a course or learning program while diplomas provide more comprehensive learning experiences enabling students to earn credit towards a degree program. Finally, degrees represent the most advanced form of qualification available and require completion of multiple courses with high grade point average (GPA).

Admission criteria for postgraduate diploma programs in New Zealand differ by university and program, although most schools generally require at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution as a prerequisite for admission. Furthermore, candidates must submit an effective Statement of Purpose as well as letters of Recommendation; some programs may even request relevant work experience or internships prior to acceptance into one of these programs.