Study Abroad Scholarships For Students in Canada

study abroad scholarships canada

Canada is an attractive study-abroad destination, drawing international students with its vibrant cities and breathtaking natural beauty. To assist with funding their studies here, countless scholarships for students are offered by governments, universities and private organizations – non-repayable financial awards that take into account academic records, community service activities and extra-curricular pursuits as well as an applicant’s financial situation when awarding awards.

American students looking to study in Canada can find many fellowship and scholarship opportunities; however, many are limited and highly competitive. Furthermore, such scholarships tend to go only to those with exceptional academic histories in specific fields of study.

Jeanne Sauve Youth Foundation hosts its Sauve Scholars Program by inviting 14 outstanding young leaders to Montreal for one year, where they live together in an elegantly restored mansion and participate in courses that further their personal and professional goals – this scholarship covers their tuition as well.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship provides financial compensation to doctoral students conducting research at Canadian universities. This award is open to international students nominated by their host institution who are starting their first PhD degree there.

Humber College offers several full and partial scholarships to new international undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted. These awards will go toward tuition fees and can be renewed if certain criteria are met.