Study Abroad Supply Change Management

Study abroad Supply Change Management

Study Abroad Supply Change Management Globalization has increased the need for professionals who can efficiently oversee global sourcing, distribution, logistics, transportation and inventory processes – these professionals are known as supply chain managers. No matter whether a company produces their own goods or purchases them from another country – their goal remains unchanged: getting products into their designated places at their specified times with minimal interruption from changing economic realities.

To master these skills, students need to think critically about all stages of the supply chain process – not only understanding its logistics but also being able to use this data effectively in making informed decisions regarding which course of action would be most suitable.

Studying abroad is one way to develop these skills, and Western Michigan University’s Global Business Center and Haenicke Institute for Global Education offer various semester programs designed to facilitate that experience. Students gain insight into international business culture while expanding their global economy knowledge – this experience also serves to differentiate themselves when applying for internships or full-time positions.

Students majoring in SCM may take courses from both the Business Core and Global Perspectives requirements abroad, though certain Capstone sequence and upper level SCM electives cannot. Students should consult their advisor to ensure they take all of the appropriate classes while abroad.

Last spring, SCM Professor Amy Colley led a 13-student trip to Costa Rica led by SCM professor Amy Colley that allowed them to explore sustainable business practices at Alsacia Starbucks Coffee Farm; meet local business leaders in San Jose; visit University for Peace La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Poas Volcano National Park – making for an invaluable learning experience and creating connections between students from GVSU. According to Colley this opportunity provided students an invaluable way of building bonds among themselves as well as faculty.

Students should initiate research early in their academic careers to maximize the benefits of studying abroad. Doing so will make incorporating classes at their partner institution into your schedule easier, while making sure all required coursework (such as Capstone courses ) can be fulfilled successfully. Furthermore, early exposure increases chances of having an internship or full-time job before graduation.

Morocco is one of the premier study abroad destinations. Boasting some of the finest universities in the Middle East and offering affordable yet high-quality educational opportunities to international students. Furthermore, Morocco provides scholarship grants and other forms of financial support for foreign students’ studies there – all factors which contribute to making it an attractive option for SCM studies abroad.