Study Masters in France in English

study masters in france in english

France is known for its culture, cuisine and academic environment – drawing thousands of international students every year to top-ranked universities throughout the Hexagon. French institutions recognize that not all students speak French as their native language and thus provide over 1,500 degrees taught entirely in English.

However, learning French before embarking on your studies in France is strongly advised in the early years, so as to become acquainted with both its culture and language. Learning even a basic level will enable you to communicate more freely with locals while getting around more efficiently – something which will prove extremely helpful throughout life abroad.

Students from countries outside the EU should contact their chosen university directly for advice regarding visas and immigration issues as well as specific entry requirements. In general, EU/EEA nationals can study in French universities without needing a visa as long as they register their presence upon arrival and meet certain residency conditions (please read our article for further details).

Students seeking student visas should ensure their English levels meet the necessary standard to successfully complete their chosen degree program. Universities such as The Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne typically expect at least an IELT score of 6 or TOEFL score of 76 for graduate courses, although exceptions may be granted to individuals who completed undergraduate degree work in French or from countries where it is the primary language.