Top Engineering Universities in Ireland

top engineering universities in ireland

Ireland is widely recognized as a top global hub for engineering studies, making Ireland an expert at teaching all forms of this discipline. Engineers play an essential role in our daily lives – they shape cities we live in, infrastructure that connects us all and the relationships among us all. Studying engineering in Ireland allows students to gain exposure to industry leaders and build skills needed for an increasingly competitive global job market.

Irish engineering universities place great emphasis on integrating research and teaching, with several top engineering schools boasting stellar alumni networks of Nobel Prize winners as alumni. Coupled with a graduate employability rate of 90%+ and its affordable tuition fees, Ireland remains an appealing option for those pursuing Engineering degrees abroad.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD), one of Europe’s oldest universities, consistently ranks among the best worldwide for engineering studies. Renowned for its research activities, Trinity has produced prominent alumni who have made major impacts in fields like science, literature, politics and business.

TCD’s Master of Engineering Management degree enables students to build both conceptual and practical engineering expertise, giving them an edge when seeking employment around the globe. Available to both domestic and international students alike, it offers them the chance to take their career to the next level while taking advantage of our various scholarship programs that help reduce financial strain for deserving international students.