Why Choose USA For Study?

why choose usa for study

USA is one of the most diverse nations on Earth with many cultures and ethnicities living together peacefully, giving international students an incredible opportunity to experience different customs, festivals, food and art from around the globe. Studying abroad in USA broadens perspectives which is beneficial in today’s global job market.

Universities in the US are famous for their vibrant college communities and exciting social activities, from sports to music to volunteering opportunities; all this allows students to easily find ways to get involved and form friendships while immersing in culture for an unforgettable college experience.

Students enrolled in F-1 visa studies can apply for an Optional Practical Training (OPT) work-study program on campus during their studies by applying for an OPT work permit, which gives F-1 students temporary employment authorization in an industry related to their major. It allows F-1s to work for up to one year either before graduation, after graduation, or during summer break in fields relevant to their majors – offering practical skills development and resume bolstering experience!

The USA is an industry leader when it comes to technology and research, giving its students access to cutting-edge equipment and facilities as well as opportunities to participate in groundbreaking research projects both as undergraduate and graduate students. This will give them an edge when entering the job market as successful scientists, engineers or doctors.


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