Colleges in Canada With Low Tuition Fees For International Students

colleges in canada with low tuition fees for international students

Canadian Universities have earned themselves an international reputation and draw many international students seeking high-quality education. Tuition fees may be prohibitively expensive for some students; scholarships may provide some relief; however, you should choose an institution which combines quality with affordability.

The University of Ottawa strives to foster an atmosphere of belonging in its community while offering global perspectives to its students. Furthermore, a number of scholarships exist in order to assist with covering tuition fees which range between CAD $18,000 and CAD $32,000 respectively.

Athabasca University is a public research university in Canada that specializes in online distance learning. Established as one of Canada’s first institutions to focus on this form of instruction, Athabasca’s mission is to remove any obstacles to higher education for international students enrolled as its tuition fees for international students are set at CAD $27,000 per semester.

Ontario in central Canada boasts some of the country’s best and most affordable colleges for international students. Average tuition fee for undergraduate students in Ontario is estimated at CAD $30,000. While these costs may seem higher compared with some other provinces, they’re still considerably more reasonable compared with studying in the US.

These schools not only offer lower tuition fees, but also have numerous scholarships and financial aid opportunities that make them a smart choice for international students looking for world-class education without breaking their budgets.


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