Real Estate Express Expo

Real Estate Express provides the perfect online platform for anyone starting their real estate career or wanting to refresh it, regardless of schedule and career goals. Their 100% online school offers flexible scheduling with various program packages tailored specifically to each student’s budget and career objectives, complete with student forums for support and an easily navigable website dashboard to monitor your progress. They even offer money-back guarantees! Pre-licensing courses are available in 40 states while continuing education and license upgrade opportunities can also be taken advantage of as part of this 100% online platform.

This year’s Expo will include schools such as Arkansas Arts Academy, Founders Classical Academy and LISA Academy; along with college counseling organizations; to provide information regarding application procedures, admission processes and scholarship opportunities for students. There will also be a panel discussion about selecting an ideal school.

The Express Education Expo, open to the public and taking place Friday, March 3rd on campus is your opportunity to meet recruiters for hiring or internship opportunities as well as admission representatives from graduate and professional schools. In preparation for this fair, set clear goals: what do you hope to gain out of it?

Black Press, Western Canada’s leading community news source, hosts many hiring and postsecondary expos that take place annually at the Roll-A-Dome.


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