Study and Work Abroad Scholarship

study and work abroad scholarship

Be it studying a foreign language, gaining global experience to enhance your resume or developing workforce skills – an education abroad is an extraordinary opportunity. However, costs, family concerns and an absence of information regarding available programs often hold back many students from taking this step.

Study and work abroad scholarship resources exist to make traveling possible, providing gift aid that covers everything from fees and travel costs to health insurance and stipends.

Most scholarships are related to specific destinations, regions or countries. Some such as the DAAD scholarship for North America is open and available to any student while other scholarships have more stringent eligibility criteria – for instance the Gilman Scholarship Program supports U.S. undergraduate students with financial need so they may participate in study abroad programs around the globe while CLS (Critical Language Scholarships) provides fully funded summer language institutes overseas in fifteen critical need languages.

Scholarships targeting groups under-represented in study abroad include first-generation students and minority students. Some programs require writing an essay, which might seem daunting if writing is not your forte – however, use this opportunity to explain why you deserve support from scholarship providers! Ensure it is grammar and spell checked so the panel understands exactly what your essay conveys.


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