Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Study in Canada is the dream of many students across the globe, providing world-class education, career prospects and an unmatched lifestyle. Furthermore, Canada boasts some of the world’s finest ski slopes and beaches – not to mention being safe, welcoming and beautiful places to live!

Canada offers affordable living costs and tuition fees that are significantly lower than other English speaking nations. Being bilingual (French and English are the two primary spoken languages in Canada), fluency in either of them will prove helpful; though fluency in either isn’t mandatory to gain admission into universities here. Canadian universities provide Bachelor’s through Doctoral degrees for study.

Canada has seen its international student population triple over the past decade and remains one of the fastest-growing educational destinations worldwide. Renowned for its top universities, world-class research facilities and focus on innovation, Canada offers much to those who choose to study here.

As part of their application, applicants will need to demonstrate they can fund both their studies and living costs, including bank account opening in the country and depositing at least CAD 10,000 into it. Furthermore, an IELTS or TOEFL test with minimum scores required should also be passed in order to be granted a study permit.

Students studying in New Zealand have an additional benefit in that they can work part time while studying and full-time during holidays to cover living costs – this provides a distinct edge over countries which only permit student employment on-campus.

Canadian universities are well-established institutions offering an impressive range of degree programmes – including many doctoral and masters degrees – which engage their students through interactive coursework that often involves site visits or placements. Masters degrees typically span one to three years with some including dissertation requirements.

Canada’s citizens are widely revered for their friendliness and graciousness, which cannot be denied as they rank among the world’s most peaceful nations. Canada serves as a welcoming host for international students who enjoy equal rights with citizens while being set on paths leading towards amazing careers on global labor markets and potential permanent residency once graduated.