The Benefits of Summer Study Abroad

summer study abroad

Students studying abroad have an exciting opportunity to explore many fascinating cultures – from ancient ruins to contemporary cities – through study abroad programs. While semester-length programs require intensive coursework, summer programs provide more flexible schedules and less intense coursework. That doesn’t mean learning ceases after just a short while – in fact, it often goes deeper than during school year programs!

Study abroad programs often feature smaller class sizes that provide opportunities for hands-on learning and interactions between professors and students, providing more immersive education experiences such as participating in unique research experiences that might otherwise not be accessible during regular academic year courses – such as participating in a STEM internship at an internationally acclaimed institution.

Students who go on short-term study abroad experiences gain skills that are invaluable to success in college and beyond. They develop independence, adjust to student culture, and accept all of the responsibilities associated with being university students – skills which become invaluable as new situations arise.

If you are considering short-term summer study abroad programs, make sure that you consult your advisor early on in order to discuss them and assess if they fit within your schedule and budget. They can help ensure your experience abroad goes as smoothly as possible.


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