Why Study in Ireland?

why study in ireland

Ireland stands out among study abroad destinations thanks to its world-class education system, vibrant culture and welcoming people – three essential ingredients that make studying abroad so attractive. Situated at the western edge of Europe, this ancient nation boasts scenic landscapes as well as some of the top universities worldwide.

Ireland has developed into an innovative country over the past decades, boasting leading MNCs and pharmaceutical firms as its residents. Many international students who study here find employment with these firms after graduating, in addition to taking advantage of Ireland’s extensive internships and work placement programmes available for international students.

Irish are known for their hospitality and good nature. They take great pleasure in celebrating their traditions and are passionate about their culture – this can be seen through sports, music, dance, pub culture or just plain old partying! Additionally they have strong ties with nature as well as strong creative roots which has given rise to such extraordinary minds in literature and arts as Nobel laureates such as WB Yeats or James Joyce among many other fields.

Ireland stands out as both safe and tolerant, ranking among the top 20 nations for quality of life, peace, and human development. Additionally, this young country with an active student community makes adaptation easy for international students; locals offer warm hospitality as they welcome internationals with open arms; however it should be noted that weather may take some adjustment time for students coming from warmer climates.