Asian Studies Leiden

asian studies leiden

Asian Studies Leiden

An education in Asian studies broadens your horizons and opens doors to career opportunities in many fields. An understanding of asian languages makes comprehension much simpler, providing access to texts written in these cultures as well as insight into cultural context. An ASIA Studies degree broadens your horizons even further!

Leiden University boasts extensive expertise in Asian studies for humanities and social sciences disciplines, focusing specifically on modern Central Asia. Our library, Hortus Botanicus Leiden and Japan Museum SieboldHuis houses extensive Asia collections that draw scholars from all around the globe to our city; IIAS researchers often utilize these collections in their research while strong connections exist among Leiden’s various Asia institutes.

The International Institute of Asian Studies (IIAS), located in Leiden, is a global research organisation and knowledge exchange platform dedicated to Asia studies. Through multi-year research programs, fellowships, academic networks, PhD in-situ masterclass programmes, as well as publishing free periodicals about Asian Studies; IIAS connects knowledge to people, contributing towards an enhanced understanding of Asia today among scholars and partners worldwide. Activities offered at IIAS include multi-year research programmes; fellowships; PhD In Situ MasterClass programs for PhD scholars in Asia today as well as publication of free periodicals dedicated exclusively to Asian studies – among many more!

This position of University Lecturer entails conducting cutting-edge research in Modern Central Asian Studies and South and Southeast Asian Studies, drawing upon interregional themes. You will develop and teach courses across LIAS’ programs (MA in area studies (China, India, Japan & Korea), Middle Eastern Studies & International Relations as well as BA area studies in China Japan Korea Middle East). Furthermore, it serves to enhance LIAS as an institution.


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