F1 Visa Stamp Validity

f1 visa validity

F1 visas are one of the most frequently sought after student visas, opening doors to studying in the United States. Students should keep in mind that this non-immigrant visa requires adhering to specific rules that must be observed.

Below we will examine some of the factors that could prevent a student from being granted an F1 visa, including lack of strong home ties, fraud, criminal background and security risk. However, many denials can often be overturned simply by contacting either their school or US consulate directly.

Visa Stamp Validity

When it comes to visa validity, this depends on how long you are enrolled in the program and whether or not OPT was applied for. Your stamp will usually remain valid until either end of program or 60 days post graduation (whichever comes first), provided that you possess a valid I-20 and are actively enrolled as required to remain in the United States.

Work on an F-1 visa is only allowed if it can be demonstrated that it relates to your studies and will contribute to career advancement. Immigration officials take any unauthorized employment seriously, which can threaten your status in the country. Therefore, it is critical that you remain in constant communication with ISS and follow all guidelines provided by your advisor.