Getting a New Zealand Masters

An advanced postgraduate qualification such as a New Zealand masters can be an incredible boon to your career. These advanced postgraduate programs provide in-depth knowledge in your chosen field and enable you to move up the career ladder or change sectors entirely.

Finding the appropriate course can be challenging, so the first step should be identifying your subject of choice. Most students either continue studying their bachelors degree subject or explore another subject they find compelling. Once this decision has been made, research which universities offer this program and which have admission requirements. Typically most universities will publish these details online as well as offer support services to international students if required.

Most masters programs take at least two years to complete, either through research-based courses or taught ones. Many universities also offer part-time masters programs for those unable to devote an entire year or those looking to combine work with study.

To qualify for a masters program, applicants will require a relevant bachelor’s degree with an excellent grade point average and any special requirements such as research proposals, letters of recommendation or funding essays from individual departments. Furthermore, most universities will request academic transcripts that document your previous achievements to determine your eligibility for admission to graduate studies.


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