Jobs in Ireland For Indian Students

jobs in ireland for indian students

Ireland is an increasingly popular study abroad destination among Indian students. Offering globally recognised degrees and ample employment opportunities after graduation, Ireland provides graduate job seekers with ample job prospects at globally renowned MNCs like Glen Dimplex, DCC Kingspan Paddy Power Smurfit Kappa etc. Furthermore, its high standard of living makes Ireland an attractive place for graduates to settle down and start work post graduation.

Ireland is currently facing an acute labour shortage and as such offers plenty of jobs in Ireland for Indian students to choose from. This is particularly true in fields like IT and business where skilled workers are in high demand. Furthermore, Ireland has close to full employment – meaning most citizens enjoy jobs they love doing!

An Irish student job offers students not only an excellent way of earning money and becoming acquainted with local culture, but it may also help secure permanent residency within three years after starting studies. The Irish government has created the Critical Skills Occupation List which details occupations that are in high demand from migrants from outside of Europe; such as medical practitioners, industrial pharmacists/pharmacists, radiographers and radiation therapists as well as vascular technologists/physiologists/perfusionists/dieticians among others.


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