Media Studies uk

media studies uk

Media studies UK is an academic discipline with broad and deep ramifications. Originating as both humanities and social science inquiries, its dual nature has caused considerable tension – often manifesting itself in public debate or political attacks on what many perceive as an illegitimate upstart subject that doesn’t belong in universities. Alongside this development in academia has come the creation of MeCCSA.

Media studies degrees offered at university extra mural departments or through the Open University typically span three years, with the option for additional work experience placement during year two. Pathway 1 involves taking an in-depth research approach to media history and culture study while developing practical filmmaking or game production skills (film or digital games/interactive media production/creation); those on Pathway 2 use similar research but focus their production of narrative video games with VR/XR capabilities instead.

Many universities provide both routes, and selecting one depends on an individual student’s preferences and career aspirations. UCL encourages its students to view themselves both as media producers and scholars of media and society – they will have access to a wealth of research expertise available across three faculties for both approaches.


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