MS CS – Why Study Abroad?

Master of Computer Science (MS CS) degrees are increasingly sought after among students from around the globe, opening doors for higher-paying jobs across various fields. Selecting an ideal country to pursue MS CS is vital: US, Canada, Germany and Australia are popular study destinations offering high-quality education, great job prospects and cost-effective tuition fees for international students.

Graduating from a top university abroad will greatly bolster your CV and academic profile, and demonstrate your willingness to step outside your comfort zone and adapt to different environments. Furthermore, this experience opens the doors for advanced fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Network Security and Software development etc.

Studying MS CS abroad opens you up to a wide variety of research topics and provides you with an international outlook. Furthermore, taking advantage of the best resources and facilities available allows for deeper understanding in your sub-branch of expertise as well as getting well-paying work within short time that could help pay back student loans more quickly.

Apart from quality education, one major reason students opt to study abroad is because it affords them the chance to travel and experience new cultures, lifestyles and learn about various aspects of global heritage. Furthermore, studying overseas allows you to build an extended network of friends and professional contacts.

When applying for an MS CS course abroad, you will need to present several documents:

Transcripts – Official transcripts must be provided from all undergraduate and graduate courses attended, along with GRE or GMAT scores as may be requested depending on your university of choice.

Personal Statement/Letter of Motivation – Universities will require you to write an SOP that details your background, motivations for studying this course and career goals. In addition, recommendations and a CV may also be requested from you.

The application fee to universities typically falls within USD 40,000-60,000 annually and includes tuition and living costs.

Studying Computer Science abroad can be an exciting and fulfilling journey, giving you the chance to discover new cultures while creating lasting friendships. When making such an important decision, it is wise to research all available options carefully; speaking to one of Yocket’s counselors may help find you the perfect program that meets your individual needs and goals; they also can guide you through admission requirements, application deadlines, and funding opportunities – we have helped thousands of students realize their dreams so contact us now so you can start living yours!


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