Study Abroad in England

England study abroad

Studying at Oxford or Cambridge universities – or one of England’s many top-ranked universities – promises an outstanding academic experience. England prides itself on independent learning and critical thought which are well reflected on world-class campuses. You’ll experience both academic rigor as well as vibrant cultural and social life at these world-class institutions.

Studying abroad will not only open your worldview to more cultures around the globe, but will provide an in-depth education about English traditions and values shaped by their history, which shares many similarities with that of America.

The UK offers an abundance of academic options, from metropolitan London to smaller towns of the Midlands and North. Here you will experience how English literature has had an influence on modern pop culture; study Shakespeare at his birthplace of Stratford-Upon-Avon; explore 1000-year-old Roman baths of Bath; plus have plenty of fun things to do like visiting London’s West End for theatergoers or Camden Town where punk rock started!

Once accepted into your chosen program, you will need to apply through either your university or a third-party provider, gather transcripts and letters of recommendation, prepare for visa interviews, budget accordingly and research scholarships available specifically to international students; many are even applicable once accepted! Finally, don’t forget the cost – some scholarships even exist after acceptance into your study abroad program!


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