Study and Live in Canada

study and live in canada

Canada provides students with a welcoming multicultural society and has one of the lowest crime rates worldwide. Students also enjoy many recreational activities and healthful living options available here, which may influence their decision to study there.

Tuition fees vary by university and province and are quite reasonable for international students; however, accommodation expenses make up a substantial portion of overall costs in major cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Canadians typically speak English as their official language; however, most universities provide courses in French as well. Fluency in either language isn’t necessary to live and study in Canada – though many choose to learn French during their stay here.

Studying in Canada offers students many advantages, one being their eligibility to work on campus or off campus for up to 20 hours each week during university semesters and full time during scheduled breaks such as winter and summer holidays. This allows them to not only earn their living but also gain work experience that may help when applying for permanent residence permits later.

Due to Canada’s welcoming immigration laws, studying in Canada makes obtaining citizenship much simpler; students studying can count their time spent on student visa towards meeting residency requirements for Canadian citizenship.


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