About Medicine in Europe

medicine in europe

About Medicine in Europe

When most people think about healthcare in Europe, they likely picture a fully socialized system where government regulates both the insurance and care providers (like doctors). Countries like Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Norway Spain Sweden utilize this model, meaning citizens effectively pay no fees for hospital and other facility stays and all healthcare is provided free by state employed doctors who deliver free care directly to citizens.

Most European medical schools provide English-taught programs for international students, making them accessible to high school graduates who may want to begin medical school right after finishing GCSEs or A-levels. Some students take a gap year or gain experience before applying, while others opt to begin their medical studies immediately.

Each year, thousands of international students enroll in European medical schools to obtain degrees from some of its premier institutions and gain access to quality healthcare throughout Europe. Students hailing from different continents all share one thing in common – an ambition to become outstanding physicians and healthcare providers themselves.

No matter where your career journey leads you, medicine in Europe offers an ideal starting point. By receiving an education in this field, you could help make our world better by treating diseases and saving lives – book a free consultation today with one of our expert advisors to explore your options for studying medicine abroad!