Getting a PhD Through PhD Distance Learning

phd distance learning

Online phd distance learning offers an easy and flexible solution for people unable to dedicate the necessary time off from work and home life to attend university full time for traditional PhD studies. Before making your commitment, however, be sure that any prospective online PhD programs have received accreditation by an official organization; diploma mills often pose as legitimate but only care about getting your credit card number!

Distance learning makes pursuing a PhD possible, but requires discipline and motivation from you as the student. Finding a supportive working environment such as a lab where fellow PhD students are also working is also vitally important to their success.

PhD degrees can open doors in your career and increase your salary. Only 1 percent of the population possess this highly respected and prestigious qualification – making the years of commitment and associated costs well worth their while for some individuals.

Most reputable universities offer distance learning programs for PhD degrees. Some programs may be entirely online while others combine in-person and online classes; check the university website for details. Also look for regional accreditation from organizations recognized by CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation), then find a school with a strong reputation in your chosen field of interest.


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