Masters in Development Studies in the USA

development studies in usa

Work in development can present many complexities. Women’s issues, legal disputes over land rights and narrow approaches to aid can all make things complicated for workers who find themselves dealing with these challenges on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many workers feel helpless in meeting such hurdles head on.

For those interested in helping address global issues, a degree in development studies provides an ideal starting point. Graduates will often be well suited for positions within private companies, non-government organisations and international organisations where their knowledge can help create solutions to complex global problems.

Fordham University provides one of the top master’s of development studies programs available in America – their Master of International Political Economy and Development course is considered among the finest offerings nationwide and includes topics like Global Environmental and Resource Economics as well as International Development Policy.

Georgetown University in Washington D.C. also offers a Masters in International Development Policy course to teach students how to create effective economic, governmental, and societal policies that address global inequality. Western Michigan University also provides a similar masters for those hoping to manage NGO development projects; its course explores development theory while equipping participants with various practical skills necessary for such roles.


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