Study Medicine in France For International Students

study medicine in france for international students

France offers international students an ideal environment in which to pursue medical degrees, being one of the leading nations when it comes to medical research and boasting a long list of Nobel Prize winners. Universities offer unparalleled educational quality with nine-year training programs designed to equip students with skills needed to become highly-qualified doctors.

France offers an easy application process for medical degrees; students should submit academic transcripts and take entrance exams such as NEET or GRE/MAT/GMAT depending on the institution they wish to enroll at. They also need to submit letters of motivation, recommendation letters and statements of purpose where applicable as well as pay any applicable application fees.

Medical students completing their first year must pass an extremely competitive exam called PACES to continue on in their studies. Only about 10% of local and foreign students pass the first try; those who do not succeed may retake it later.

Once a student has taken and passed the PACES exam, they will move into their second cycle of studies. Here they must complete several internship periods and seminars before making their choice of specialty.

Apart from studying medicine in France, students will find the country to be an idyllic environment with plenty of activities and attractions for enjoyment during breaks from studying! They should make sure to take full advantage of all that France has to offer!


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