Studying Psychology in Ireland

studying psychology in ireland

Psychology is the study of human minds and behavior. As an in-demand subject in global job markets and an engaging field of study, professional psychologists play an invaluable role in all spheres of life – helping with depression, anxiety and addiction problems as well as helping design classrooms with effective lessons, offering advice to businesses about selecting and motivating employees as well as contributing to our understanding of social problems such as suicide and child abuse.

Ireland offers international students many choices of psychology courses for undergraduate and graduate study. Undergraduate options include BA and BSc programs while graduate levels feature MA and MSc options based on career expectations and personal interests. Students can tailor their selection based on personal and career considerations.

No matter if students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate psychology courses in Ireland will emerge equipped with high-demand skills that include analytical thinking, rigorous numeracy proficiency and the capacity to identify, research and solve complex and ever-evolving issues.

The University of Limerick offers an internationally accredited BA (Hons) in Psychology that will give students a solid academic foundation for further studies at Masters and PhD levels. The unique structure of this course combines core psychology modules with electives from across university curriculum; you will also take part in an INTRA placement within clinical, corporate or other settings during third year.