Taking Up a Work and Study Program in USA

work and study program in usa

International students looking for extra money and experience should consider participating in a work and study program in the USA, which offers extra cash as well as professional development opportunities. When selecting this option, certain considerations need to be kept in mind, including only being allowed to work if it directly relates to their curriculum; furthermore, their university must grant permission through CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) or OPT (Optional Practical Training).

Working and studying in the USA may not be top of mind for every international student, but working there can still prove useful for earning a living while building their network and learning more about its culture. Furthermore, working there will give them insight into global business trends and economies around the world.

Note, however, that not all international students qualify for FWS. In order to be eligible, students must demonstrate financial need and attend a school offering this program; additionally they must possess a valid F-1 visa; wages paid from work-study programs are subsidized by the federal government and paid weekly, biweekly or monthly paychecks unlike regular employment which requires taxes be withheld from earnings.


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