Top Colleges in New Zealand

Top colleges in New Zealand provide world-class education with vibrant campus culture that attracts students from around the globe. No matter your academic and professional goals are, top universities will help you reach them quickly and successfully.

Top colleges in New Zealand are known for their superior facilities and research programs, offering courses across various fields. Many institutions welcome international students, offering English lessons on campus to improve their study skills and increase chances of employment upon completing the program.

The University of Auckland stands as one of New Zealand’s premier public universities, boasting a QS ranking of 81 worldwide. Popular courses at this institution include business analytics, civil engineering, food science and technology and public health – with its main campus situated right in downtown Auckland for easy access to kebab shops, hip coffee shops, global retail giants and an exciting bar scene.

The University of Canterbury in Christchurch boasts a QS ranking of 284. Popular courses at this public institution include accounting and finance, development studies and social policy and administration. Lincoln University boasts the oldest agricultural university in southern hemisphere – it was previously part of University of Auckland – offering courses such as agribusiness commerce agriculture life sciences among others.


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