What It’s Like to Go to College As a College International Student

college international students

Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic and political climate, American colleges continue to attract attention from top students worldwide. According to Migration Policy Institute estimates, international students now make up over 5% of college and university communities within the US.

This article investigates what it’s like for international students attending college, the challenges they encounter, and how universities can support them. We highlight resources, identify organizations which support international students, and share student stories.

Most schools require international students to submit standardized test scores, personal essays, transcripts, recommendations and other application elements such as transcripts in order to be accepted as students. Before making your decisions regarding colleges and universities that accept international students, make sure you research each specific college’s admissions requirements; check with each institution individually as each may also require either the TOEFL or IELTS language test as additional elements for acceptance.

Open Doors reported that international students tend to gravitate toward STEM fields like engineering and math as subjects of study for SY 2019-20; more than 2o percent of international undergraduates studied these fields during this academic year.

Many universities offer international students programs, services and opportunities tailored specifically to their campus culture or field of study. For instance, some schools provide English language learning centers on-campus that offer personalized instruction classes and tutoring to help improve language skills while better understand American culture.

Some schools and universities provide career service centers that assist students with finding internships, fellowships, part-time work opportunities and part-time employment to enhance their resumes and gain professional experience. Furthermore, some international student centers host events and programs open to all members of campus community.


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