Where Should I Study Abroad in Europe?

where should i study abroad in europe

Selecting an academic destination to study abroad in Europe can be daunting, yet choosing one tailored specifically to your unique experiences is one of the greatest accomplishments a student can undertake. From its rich cities and top universities to an abundance of study options available across Europe – there’s truly something special waiting for you here.

London is an ideal choice for students who wish to experience authentic British study abroad culture, offering both classic European culture and an engaging young atmosphere. Though more costly than some European cities, London offers easy navigation and numerous ways to reduce costs.

Florence is the place for art enthusiasts! Home to an abundance of extravagant paintings and sculptures to admire, Florence never ceases to impress visitors who appreciate beauty in all forms. Additionally, Florence boasts one of the best art schools worldwide which makes studying arts in Florence an invaluable opportunity.

Estonia provides students looking for an experience rich in technology a great place to study abroad, boasting more start-up success per capita than any other nation, including Skype and TransferWise. Furthermore, it is safe and inexpensive. Switzerland boasts chocolate, cheese and mountains reminiscent of paintings in addition to boasting some of the highest ranked universities worldwide.


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