Cost of Living in Canada For Students

cost of living in canada for students

Canada is an extremely popular study destination. Renowned for its world-class universities, cultural diversity, and friendly people. However, Canada can be costly; thus it’s essential that you plan accordingly. This article provides insight into the cost of living in Canada for students so you can plan your budget and make an informed decision as to whether Canada is indeed your place.

Housing expenses make up an essential element of student living costs. Students have two primary housing options – on-campus and off-campus. Dormitories and shared apartments typically constitute on-campus accommodation while those preferring living off campus can opt from various apartment options including single apartments, shared apartments, condominiums or homestays.

Food costs can also be significant. International students should budget approximately CAD $200-600 in food expenses each month depending on where they study; students can save money by choosing restaurants offering special student pricing or dining at buffet restaurants that provide discounts to student meals.

Transportation expenses must also be factored into their budgets. Most students use public transit to reach school, which can be an economical and time-saving way of getting there if you live nearby. You could save even more by investing in monthly train or bus passes to save on transport expenses.

As part of their efforts to lower living costs, many Canadian cities provide student discounts on public transit and other services. You can usually locate these offers when making purchases by showing your student card or I-card when making transactions.