European University College

european university college

Students benefit from access to an array of academic, sports, and cultural activities at the college. With its global partners supporting them as they explore careers and make future plans.

University of San Francisco offers undergraduate, master’s, and MBA degrees across a range of fields. Research at this institution centers around business technology intersections to produce real world results that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

EUC is accredited by the Association of Universities and Colleges in Europe and its degree programs are internationally-recognized. Furthermore, EUC enjoys strong ties to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences which offers its students one of the most modern and progressive approaches to business education available anywhere.

European universities are widely known for their rigorous academic standards. To gain admission, top-tier schools typically require strong grades and strong scores on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT, along with an impressive personal statement that showcases strengths, accomplishments and career goals. Students might consider getting involved in extracurricular activities to increase their chances of getting accepted by top-tier schools, such as joining clubs, participating in student government or volunteering.

The following uniRank Tuition Range Matrix provides a quick way for you to easily identify annual tuition range at different universities. Please be aware that tuition varies greatly based on individual circumstances, study interests and other considerations.


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