How to Apply to Study Abroad

how to apply to study abroad

Consideration should be given to numerous factors when selecting an international study destination: the location, studies you want to pursue, language requirements and so forth. Once your decision is clear, apply immediately!

Once your application is submitted through your school or program provider, each application may differ slightly; but all will require similar information: your name, contact info and academic background. In addition, having someone write you a letter of recommendation will also be essential in getting accepted to study abroad programs and making connections among faculty while abroad.

Once you’ve submitted an application, a professor or someone else will likely interview you for your place in the program. At this stage, it’s important to discuss why this particular program fits into your academic plans, any particular interests such as intercultural communication or studying more about the country in which you will study as well as any special considerations such as intercultural sensitivity.

Prep for travel and research by making copies of your passport, insurance information and any other relevant documents – this way if anything does go amiss during your stay abroad (loss/theft of passport), replacing these originals will be much simpler than trying to replace lost/stolen ones with replacement copies from home.


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