Masters Programmes in France For International Students

masters programs in france for international students

France is an attractive study destination for international students seeking quality education, thanks to its beautiful coastline, delectable cuisine and rich cultural diversity. Many students decide to enroll in a masters program in france in order to broaden their perspective of world history and culture while others pursue one for career purposes once graduation comes around.

France offers numerous Master’s programmes tailored for international students, some of which are standard Master’s degrees like in other countries while others may be tailor-made by individual universities. Some specialized institutes may be known as Grand Ecoles while ‘ecoles specialises’ are schools offering classes related to fashion design, health, audiovisual media production or communication academies.

National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations focuses on world languages and cultures and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees related to this field. Furthermore, this university was recently named among the top 10 for international students.

University of Orleans stands out as one of France’s premier graduate schools with its courses on science and technology, making it a fantastic option for those interested in pursuing Master’s degrees in energy, transportation and urban planning, engineering mathematics or humanities and social sciences. Non EU students may work up to 964 hours annually (roughly 60% full time equivalent). Thus it may be possible for them to fund their studies.


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