Medical Universities in New Zealand For International Students

Studying abroad is always exciting for international students. New Zealand offers breathtaking natural landmarks and wildlife. Additionally, its top medical universities attract international students – Indian students are especially drawn to Otago University for MBBS studies; its support systems for students provide support as does its medical student association that advocates on behalf of all its members.

The MBBS programme runs over six years and begins with a Health Sciences First Year (HSFY), where students learn the fundamentals of medicine. Following HSFY completion, students complete two preclinical theory years and three clinical years at hospitals located throughout Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga and Rotorua as part of their clinical experiences; additionally they may take up rural, research or international elective options during their fourth year of the programme.

Tuition fees for an MBBS in New Zealand may be relatively steep, but students can apply for scholarships to offset some of these costs. To apply for one, students must maintain an excellent GPA and take both the UMAT (now UCAT) and the SOP/LORs exams successfully. Students can also seek loans to cover tuition fees by speaking to an advisor at their chosen university – Leverage Edu experts can also offer assistance with scholarship applications.


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