Study in Australia From India

study in australia from india

Australia boasts some of the world’s premier universities and boasts an incredibly vibrant culture, making it an appealing study abroad destination for many students. But starting anew can be intimidatingly hard – finding accommodation, making friends or navigating language barriers can all prove challenging in Australia, but this article offers useful advice that should make life a little easier in your first days abroad!

Tushar Bareja, an international student who just completed 50 days in Australia and shared his honest review for all aspiring Australian study abroad students is sharing an honest review on his journey – detailing initial challenges encountered and how they were overcome – this video should be mandatory viewing for anyone considering study in Australia!

Australia might seem like an idyllic destination, but you should remember that even during winter it can become quite cold. Layer up and bring extra warm clothes if planning to visit during this season! Additionally, living costs in Australia are quite high so budget accordingly for your visit.

Australian banks provide education loans that come with moratorium periods to ease financial strain, especially if studying at an expensive college. With these loans, students have an extended repayment schedule when courses have ended allowing you to work and earn some additional cash while their courses continue – helping ease their burden even further.


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