8 of the Best Study Abroad Apps

best study abroad apps

Studying abroad is one of the most life-altering experiences a person can encounter. To ensure an enjoyable trip, it’s crucial that students come equipped with all of the tools needed for success and enjoyment – smartphones apps provide one effective solution! With many aimed at alleviating homesickness, communication issues, or language barriers – here are eight of the best study abroad apps which should make studying abroad simpler – and hopefully even funner!

Airbnb is an indispensable travel app. Not only can it help you find more affordable accommodations than traditional hotel rooms, but you’ll find unique and memorable stays like treehouses or glamping tents – plus, Airbnb serves as a valuable resource for discovering local activities and events to experience!

Duolingo Learning a foreign language can be daunting when traveling abroad, but Duolingo provides a simple yet effective solution. This free app uses game-like interfaces to teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills – with instantaneous results! It’s simple yet rewarding – perfect for study abroad students!

Moovit is a must-have app for travelers in cities or countries where public transit is prevalent, offering maps and schedules for various modes of transport worldwide. Both Android and iOS versions are supported.


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