Cheapest Places to Study Abroad

No student wants to study abroad without first finding the ideal country and university that matches his or her goals and aspirations. At LeapScholar, our team of experienced counsellors have over 50 years combined experience helping students identify the perfect places abroad to suit their particular needs and ambitions.

Germany is an affordable place to study abroad, boasting reasonable tuition fees and world-renowned universities with strong reputations for excellence and offering quality of life benefits. Furthermore, public universities provide surprisingly cheap tuition rates.

Malaysia stands out among the more cost-effective countries for studying abroad with low tuition fees and Kuala Lumpur ranking first in the QS Best Student Cities survey for affordability. Furthermore, Malaysia hosts numerous branch campuses from top UK and Australian universities such as University of Nottingham and Monash University – two great choices when choosing your destination country to study in!

South Africa is a popular study abroad destination among international students due to its exotic culture, stunning scenery, and world-renowned English language schools. Additionally, living costs here are quite reasonable: students can comfortably manage living on around EUR10,200 (US$11,950) annually.

Brazilian public universities provide international students with tuition that is free, making it an attractive option for saving money while experiencing its vibrant and welcoming culture. Furthermore, living expenses are low and there are ample opportunities to learn Portuguese.


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