English Course in Ireland For International Students

english course in ireland for international students

Irish English courses have grown increasingly popular among international students. Not only can students enjoy its fascinating history and culture, but there are also excellent language schools and institutions on the Emerald Isle as well as top universities – offering great language schools that specialize in Irish. Ireland also makes a fantastic location to learn this distinctive accent which differs significantly from both American and British English varieties.

Many private English language schools in Ireland provide courses suitable for students of varying levels and budgets, and offer preparation programs for major English examinations like TOEFL and IELTS. There are also universities such as University College Dublin and Cork that teach English as part of their degree programmes; some of them also feature full-time English departments that offer full-time English courses to international students.

When choosing an English course in Ireland, it’s essential to verify whether or not the school includes exam fees within its overall course fee. While some schools do include this feature in their package price, it’s a good idea to inquire first and confirm in writing. In addition, ensure the school allows holidays before or during your English course, with confirmed agreements provided in writing from both parties involved.

Ireland provides students with an ideal setting in which to improve their English while taking advantage of its stunning landscape, lively atmosphere, and friendly people. Ireland is renowned for its famous sense of fun – which explains why so many come here to learn English!


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