Malaysia – A Safe Place For Students to Live and Study

live and study in malaysia

Malaysia ranks 29th on the Global Peace Index (2017) and offers students a safe environment in which to study. Furthermore, Malaysia’s government has invested significantly into education in order to make Malaysia an international study destination with numerous world-class universities that offer quality education at reasonable costs.

International students travelling to Malaysia will find its locals to be extremely welcoming, particularly those from Asian nations such as China, India and Indonesia. Malaysians also practice tolerance when it comes to religion as they host many festivals each year.

Malaysia offers the perfect backdrop to learn and discover, with its diverse culture and history, stunning beaches and islands, well-preserved heritage treasures, state-of-the-art facilities, captivating flora and fauna and delectable cuisine. Furthermore, most universities use English as the main language of instruction and teaching in Malaysia.

Malaysia offers students plenty of student-oriented activities and events for them to get involved with. You can take part in sports, music or art performances and shows. Furthermore, volunteering opportunities exist for those eager to make a difference within their communities.

As soon as you arrive in Malaysia, it’s advisable to open a bank account. This will make paying tuition fees and rent easier. Your university should provide guidance regarding which bank account might best fit your needs.


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