Study Tourism in USA

study tourism in usa

Study tourism in usa provides international students an amazing opportunity to gain an education and career in one of the world’s premier tourism destinations – home to numerous universities, colleges, certificate/training programs and an ever-improving economy – making it an attractive place to study and work.

Tourism and recreation industry seems resilient in the face of COVID-19 impacts, reflecting its centrality to local, regional, and global economies. Front-line workers in this field tend to be younger college-age students; therefore they could be adversely affected by layoffs during a pandemic.

Recent survey of USM undergraduates examined the impacts of pandemic on student employment and work experience. It was found that prior to its onset, 44% of USM working students held non-tourism jobs while 25% worked tourism related positions. After pandemic began most remained within their same category while some moved onto other industries with non tourism jobs (13%); some even transitioned into unemployed categories (9).

Most students that remained in tourism jobs intended to continue working over summer and fall 2021, particularly those in front-line roles. Higher pay was the top incentive offered, followed by regular hours, end of COVID-19 implementation, and improved cleaning/public health measures.


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