Without IELTS Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is widely recognized for its world-class education system and world-renowned universities. Many of its premier institutions feature in global rankings and offer an array of academic programmes for international students. Before applying to any university in New Zealand, however, students should note one important thing: English proficiency is typically essential. There may be exceptions, though; certain universities in New Zealand have accepted applicants who did not fulfill minimum IELTS score requirements for admission.

As New Zealand becomes an increasingly attractive study destination, more universities are providing students with an option to apply without IELTS scores for certain courses and universities. Unfortunately, however, the number of universities willing to accommodate this approach is limited; thus it is vital for anyone planning to study abroad to thoroughly research all options before selecting their course and university of choice.

Students looking for IELTS exemption must demonstrate they studied in an English-medium school from classes 8-12, providing transcripts and mark sheets from primary, secondary, and senior secondary schools that clearly state English as their medium of instruction. Furthermore, candidates must present evidence from their school that at least three years of upper secondary education or five years of primary education was completed at English-medium schools.


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