Bachelor Degrees in USA

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Studying for a bachelor degree in USA provides you with practical and career-driven education, providing a stepping stone toward your ideal job. There are world-renowned universities and colleges here, housing top research and innovation. With its diverse economy and vibrant cultural scene, USA makes for an amazing place to live and work!

NCES reported that approximately two million students earned bachelor’s degrees during 2019-20 academic year, most often in business, health professions, or social sciences disciplines. Business majors often study various subjects related to marketing, statistics and accounting while health professions majors focus on physical and biological aspects of medicine while social sciences majors focus on different cultures, political systems and human experience.

Pew Research Center conducted a 2021 survey of adults without four-year college degrees and found that 34% of men, but only 20% of women, stated cost and lack of jobs that require such degrees as primary reasons why they do not possess one. Other reasons given included wanting more time with family, acquiring experience without needing one yet or feeling that college wasn’t right fit for them.

U.S. undergraduate degrees follow a liberal arts education model, in which students take courses outside their major area of study that provide a balanced education. Such classes usually count toward fulfilling a minimum credit hour requirement of 120 in order to graduate; some colleges may limit how many can be earned during one semester depending on student-advising policies.


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